In a few short months, AccountingWare will be launching our newest software package that will help bring a much-needed sigh of relief to Microsoft Dynamics GP users in 2018. Last week, we hosted a webinar to highlight some of the features of ActivReporter and are proud of the excitement building for what we see as a game-changer for GP users.

This robust, heavy-lifting program will allow exponentially increased flexibility and ease of financial reporting to help 2018 become your most efficient and data-driven year yet.

Let's dig into some of the highlights of ActivReporter:

  • ActivDatabase
    • Our very fast and intuitive data visualization tool allows you to input and access data entries live, as they happen. No more refresh.
  • Drilldown/Drillback
    • Easily Drilldown to transaction levels and Drillback to Dynamics GP data so you can review and explore your data on the spot.
  • Lightning Fast
    • Did we say fast? Try 200,000 entries rendered on-screen per second fast. Don't blink, you might miss it!
  •  Ribboned Functions/Layout Wizard
    • Over 50 built-in Excel functions to help simplify the creation of your financial reports to add those time-consuming decorations that make your reports everything they need to be.
  • Trackable
    • This tool allows all actions by all parties to be audited in real-time allowing you to have informed collaboration within your organization.
  •  Financially Suitable
    • Designed to meet your budget – $1,000 allows for 2 hours of training and setup while $70/mth provides you with the software. (Yes, really.)

We like to spoil our clients as they are already benefiting from this functionality through our ActivityHD accounting software. We are excited to offer this feature to Dynamics GP users!