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ActivReporter succeeds where other third-party reporting software for Dynamics GP fails. ActivReporter helps you analyze and gain valuable insights from your Dynamics GP data. Using template reports, you can produce standard financial reports virtually out-of-the-box. With a little more effort, you can customize financial reports to specific business needs. The versatile output options let you share important financial information among colleagues without concern that formulas will be overwritten or spreadsheets will be misplaced. ActivReporter's security model ensures control over data sharing, permissions, and searching.

Research into your financials is simplified in ActivReporter. You can drill down to transaction detail in ActivReporter and, using Excel as the middle man, drill back to original transactions in Dynamics GP. ActivReporter makes it easier to spot trends in your data and to pinpoint irregularities, providing actionable information with fewer headaches.

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