ActivReporter Training Webinars

Bruce and Grant's Excellent Unboxing Adventure

Join Bruce and Grant as they unbox all the latest, greatest AccountingWare goodies to kick off the InterActiv Summer Series. Join us as we review:

- New faces at AccountingWare
- Looking ahead at other Summer Series sessions
- What's new in ActivityHD and ActivReporter since InterActiv 2023

Cybersecurity Essentials for Today's Internet Connected World

The security landscape of today's Internet-connected business continues to expand to more sophisticated, global cyber threats. Technology is increasing in complexity, cyber threats are growing in sophistication, and more third-party solutions are integrated into existing systems. The more complex our setup is the more complex our vulnerabilities. During this session, we'll examine common cybersecurity attacks and discuss a range of best practices to safeguard your organization as well as your personal digital assets. Whether you have experience in technology or are a novice, this session will discuss, in plain English, some of the top cybersecurity threats facing companies today and look at some cyber controls you can implement to protect your organization.

Do More With Less: Publishing Financial Designs

Both ActivityHD and ActivReporter users share financial designs, our powerful financial reporting tool where you build reports in Excel. But do you know about Publish, a process that allows you to create many variations of your financial designs without ever opening Excel? This session focuses on how to leverage the many options in the Publish process to do more reporting with fewer financial designs to create and maintain. Join us as we review:

- How one click can produce multiple reports
- How to slice and dice your organization on the fly
- Best practices for when you need to create a new financial design (and when you don't)

Back to Basics

Let's play with building blocks! The basics of our AccountingWare software will create a solid foundation for blasting into the important work you do each day. In this session, you will learn about common features and navigation tools that will help you simplify and efficiently accomplish the projects of your workday. Join us as we review:

- Learn the most common shortcut keys and tips
- Adapt the power of the HD pane to personalize your view
- Learn the basics of Filters
- How to find answers quickly with the Help Text
- How to employ the one-stop shop

The Right Tool for the Job: Automation

Each year, it seems that more tools are released with the aim of improving workflow. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more of these solutions in your toolbelt? Join us as we look at the versatility of automation in ActivityHD and how multipurpose it can really be.

Enhancing Purchasing: Boosting Visibility, Efficiency, and Commitments

Staying ahead in the ever-changing world of procurement can be tough. Join us to learn practical insights and innovative solutions to transform your purchasing processes. Discover how ActivityHD Purchasing with Self-Serve can help you stay ahead with a simplified user experience and cutting-edge features. Join us as we review:

- Optimizations to streamline workflow
- Tips for using the commitments ledger
- Overview of features in ActivityHD Self-Serve
- Techniques to troubleshoot common problems

Attributes: Multi-Dimensional Accounting

Unlock the power of multi-dimensional accounting with ActivityHD attributes. Customize your setup to track vital metrics across any industry. Join our webinar to learn all facets of attributes, along with recent enhancements and financial reporting capabilities. Join this session as we discuss the following topics:

- Overview
- New Features
- Journal Detail Rollups
- Financial Reporting

New Graphics Capabilities in ActivityHD

ActivityHD has some great new graphical capabilities to analyze accounting data. These graphics are much more than pretty pictures. You can drill back to the data from the graphics. Join this session to see how to build these dashboards and deliver them to your managers, such as:

- Visual Financial Explorer
- Pre-build graphics for your managers
- KPIs for managers

Learning to Streamline Your Payroll Processes

In this webinar, we'll delve into strategies and tools designed to streamline your payroll processes, saving you time, effort, and resources. From automation techniques to interface solutions and more, we will provide tips & tricks to help you optimize your payroll operations efficiently. Join us as we review:

- New Features
- Self Serve
- Automation
- Reporting

Mastering Contract Processing: Streamline, Optimize, Manage

s contract management and revenue recognition taking over your life? Join our webinar for expert tips on simplifying contract generation and proactive management. Discover how the ActivityHD CP to AR workflow can streamline your contract accounting and reconciliation processes. Join us as we review:

- Best practices for creating contracts quickly and accurately.
- Methods to reduce errors and increase efficiency in contract processing.
- Tips for tracking and managing key contract milestones and deadlines.
- Overview of the ActivityHD CP to AR workflow.
- New feature to allow invoice dates for scheduled payments.

Payroll Problem-Solving: Become a Master of Troubleshooting

Payroll is complicated and ever-changing. Problems are inevitable. Knowing how to identify, resolve, and minimize these problems are key to keeping your payroll processing and reporting in tip-top shape. This session is for both seasoned pros seeking to refine their troubleshooting skills and newcomers looking to build a solid foundation. Join us as we review:

- Null Net Pay
- Missing items
- Tax Reconciliation
- Voiding

Replace Management Reporter with ActivReporter

Have you ever wished you could make your GP financial reports in Excel? So did we, so we created ActivReporter! ActivReporter provides a special set of functions in Excel that allow you to produce Dynamics GP financials directly in Excel. If you've already invested time in your Management Reporter row definitions, you can import them to use in your ActivReporter reports. And ActivReporter is more than just financial reporting! It includes swift SmartList-like views for your chart of accounts, journal entries, and journal entry details that make GL research a breeze. Join our webinar to learn how to get started with financial reporting in ActivReporter.