ERP Software for Flexible Accounting and Business Management

Like most businesses, you might find that as your organization grows your accounting software become less manageable and less efficient. Your business needs more flexibility and insight into your financial data. And as the complexity grows you need more automation, more flexibility, and systems that integrate.

ActivityHD is a fully integrated accounting system designed to give you the flexibility you need.

When you have complicated accounting and payroll structure, you need a system that can handle complex systems within a centralized software. More importantly, you need to be able to manage everything efficiently and fluidly.

ActivityHD uses a different philosophy than other accounting systems by providing customizable tools. Instead of working within the limitations of entry-level software, you can customize the software to your financials, which are unique to your business.

The result is more efficiency and better insight for better business decisions.

Products Overview

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Why our customers love ActivityHD

"We write a minimum of 200 checks a month to one time vendors every month. This used to take 1 1/2 days a month, now it takes literally five minutes (less if my printer was faster). They deliver what they promise and more."
Barbara P.
Healthcare Industry
"The functionality of the software to generate financial statements within minutes is phenomenal! The ability of the system to reduce journal entries because of the accounts payable & accounts receivable systems to do accrual with the extra GL feature makes operations more efficient!"
Raechelle G.
Accounting Industry
"We currently use all packages that the software offers, and run multiple companies in the software. They are on the cutting edge of technology but keep a customer service level that is second to none."
Jennifer M.
Entertainment Industry
"AccountingWare provides great customizable software that can be used for an entire company in all aspects of the accounting system including asset management, payroll, and bank rec. It ties back to the General Ledger account codes and is very easy to manipulate."
Matt C.
Travel & Tourism Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

ActivityHD can be installed locally or in a cloud hosted environment.

ActivityHD has a built-in automation system that enables integration with a variety of software, including, but not limited to: POS, PMS, inventory, timekeeping, patient management, ticketing and other revenue tracking software, payroll services, and payable management software.

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