While ActivReporter has been used by our clients in other markets for nearly 15 years, providing it to the Microsoft Dynamics GP community has supplied us with more diverse insight and further development ideas allowing our offerings to continuously improve and grow!

Some of the most recent additions to ActivReporter are:

  • Versioning

Never be stuck with a single version of a report. Each version of your report is saved and available to be easily pulled for future reference and use.

  • Iteration

If you need the same report run for multiple segments (departments, stores, etc), it can be done with just a few clicks. 

  • Security

While we already have extensive, user-based security parameters, we have also added the ability to specifically exclude access. 

We've also found that some of the features that already made up the core of ActivReporter have been truly beneficial to our growing client base. A few of the key factors:

  • Truly Excel-based

ActivReporter operates within Excel… We don't make Excel work for us. We work with it! Meaning you keep all of your regular Excel functionality and continue to take advantage of all of the flexibility it offers.

  • Not just reporting

Serving as a replacement for SmartList in addition to its financial reporting features, ActivReporter works with tailorable, live data - and gives you a full Trial Balance.

  • Drilldown AND Drillback

Investigate numbers whether you are in ActivReporter for data analysis or in a financial report. Drilldown to the details and drillback directly into Dynamics GP.

  • Management Reporter Translation

If you've already established all of your financial reports in Management Reporter but would like the additional capabilities we offer through ActivReporter, you can bring all of your Management Reporter row definitions straight into ActivReporter for an Excel-based report within a matter of minutes.

As we continue to work on adding even more functionality like multi-currency, we also look forward to continuing to make more of an impact in the GPUG Community as clients move from the infamous MR to AR! If you know the current capabilities will benefit you now, but a feature scheduled for a future release would benefit you more, know that we never charge for new releases. Each release is available to you through your regular $70 per month license fee.