Dynamics GP users in search of a replacement financial reporting tool look at ActivReporter, and after seeing it in action, they want to know how to get it! But first… they have to ask "the" question.

Each time I hear it, I see the proverbial shield go up as they quickly duck behind it as if preparing to take on fire. 

"How much is it???"

And then their jaws drop when they hear the actual cost of ActivReporter. … "You're kidding?!"

No. We're not kidding.

There are two main reasons why ActivReporter is inexpensive compared to other financial reporting tools on the market.

  1. We don't need to recoup development costs because …
  2. ActivReporter is NOT new. It's only new to Dynamics GP users.

The financial reporting and data analysis capabilities within ActivReporter have been used for nearly 15 years by our clients in other markets. So, it is a tried-and-true tool that we felt could be greatly beneficial to those who might be needing a friendly-to-use and cost-effective alternative to Management Reporter.