AccountingWare is thrilled to announce the release of its second, annual report on "The Future of Dynamics GP." This comprehensive study, based on a survey of 149 finance and accounting professionals currently utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP, sheds light on critical insights into the decision-making processes surrounding ERP solutions. 

The report showcases unique insights into organizations currently navigating the ERP landscape, offering understanding of the current state of affairs for users of Dynamics GP. Key findings include: 

  1. Stay or Move?: Discover the factors influencing companies' decisions to either stay with or transition away from Microsoft Dynamics GP. 
  2. Decision-Making Timeline: Gain insights into the timelines companies are following in making crucial decisions regarding their ERP solutions. 
  3. Decision-Making Factors: Uncover the primary considerations guiding organizations in their choice of ERP solutions, providing valuable benchmarks for industry leaders. 
  4. Complexity of Current Installations: Understand the complexity associated with existing Microsoft Dynamics GP implementations and whether complexity impacts the decision-making process. 
  5. Confidence in Dynamics BC Product: Explore the confidence levels in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (Dynamics BC) as a potential successor to Dynamics GP. 


"The Future of Dynamics GP" report taps into the experiences and perspectives of finance and accounting professionals so companies can make informed decisions. 

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