Accounts Receivable

ActivAR - Accounts Receivable Software

Get real-time tracking of sales revenues, receivables, and receipts

ActivAR provides real-time insights to help your organization get paid faster. Take advantage of mechanisms within ActivAR for managing the collection and processing of funds from customers. With our Accounts Receivable software, you can easily determine your financial status with customers and analyze revenue streams with dynamic, real-time views.


Everything about the customer is available and easily viewed in one convenient location. Historical invoices, receipts, contacts, locations, statements and more. All Accounts Receivable data and information resides in one easy-to-navigate application.

Flexible Importing

ActivAR offers flexible importing from any external point of sale system or any other vertical software package for any industry.

Receipting and Deposits

ActivAR eliminates that extra processing step in your daily workflow. The ActivAR software includes a sophisticated design which predefines how receipts are automatically grouped into deposits.

Custom Revenue Analysis

With ActivAR, you can perform revenue analysis across multiple dimensions for any KPI’s specific to your industry and organization. The software allows you to classify invoices by work type, profit center, or any other indicator.

Advanced Sales Tax

A robust sales tax matrix easily handles varying taxability and rates by jurisdiction.

Aging Reports and Balances

Generate aging reports for any date in time. With ActivAR you will know who owes what, and when it’s time to collect.

Cash Invoicing

Quickly enter cash invoices with their immediate payments in a single, convenient screen. Eliminate multi-step processing.

Customizable Entry Screens

Streamline tedious data entry by customizing your entry screens. Add and remove fields so the entry screen is uniquely relevant to your industry.

Additional Features

In addition to the features outlined above, you will also have the ability to:

  1. Interface with ActivAP for processing customer refunds
  2. Manage the key performance indicators your executives rely on
  3. Handle high volume sales and receipting with ease
  4. Speed up your collections process
  5. Manage accounts with aged receivable list, past due statements and service charges

"We write a minimum of 200 checks a month to one time vendors every month. This used to take 1 1/2 days a month, now it takes literally five minutes (less if my printer was faster). They deliver what they promise and more."

Barbara P.
Healthcare Industry

"The functionality of the software to generate financial statements within minutes is phenomenal! The ability of the system to reduce journal entries because of the accounts payable & accounts receivable systems to do accrual with the extra GL feature makes operations more efficient!"

Raechelle G.
Accounting Industry

"We currently use all packages that the software offers, and run multiple companies in the software. They are on the cutting edge of technology but keep a customer service level that is second to none."

Jennifer M.
Entertainment Industry

"AccountingWare provides great customizable software that can be used for an entire company in all aspects of the accounting system including asset management, payroll, and bank rec. It ties back to the General Ledger account codes and is very easy to manipulate."

Matt C.
Travel & Tourism Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we track the receipt of advanced deposits and the accounting for unearned revenue.

Yes, we provide an Extra GL screen that allows for entry of the additional recognition accounts and dates.

Yes, we allow the creation of customizable messages and invoice attachments emailed directly from the system.


Yes, attributes on each invoice and/or each invoice line item allows analysis at any detail level desired.


Yes, and the system will automatically keep up with the amount of finance charge by invoice. Finance charges can be based on average balance or EOM balance.

In ActivAR, all corrections and adjustments to any AR invoice are processed in the ActivAR package and details flow through to the general ledger.

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