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ActivGL - General Ledger Software

Accounting with dimensions and excel-based financials with drillback

ActivGL enables the accounting professional to organize their accounting system. ActivGL accommodates complex organizational structures and multiple companies in a single database. The chart of accounts uses segments and dimensions allowing your business to produce advanced reporting.

Dimensions and Segments

The chart of accounts can use both segments and dimensions for classification. You may choose how you enter sweep amounts. Segments give users the ability to audit posted data.

ActivGL allows you to organize and report your data in multiple dimensions. Dimensions can be validated or freeform, hierarchical, required or optional, budget-able, and mass changeable.

Excel Financial Reporting

ActivGL uses Excel as its flexible financial report writer, and goes beyond a simple “export to Excel.” ActivGL has embedded special functions in Excel to extract data directly from the ActivityHD ERP system. Numeric amounts on the Excel spreadsheet are drillback enabled. That means you can drillback to the underlying detail transactions and even to scanned images to support the transaction.

Multiple Company Support

ActivGL supports multiple companies in a single database or in multiple databases. Each company maintains a balanced set of books. Intercompany postings will automatically supply the due-to/due-from postings. Companies can have different fiscal years.

End of Year Closing

Everyone dreads a complex year-end process. ActivGL closing is simple, reversible, and redoable. Annual closing can be processed in minutes instead of hours. If your outside accounting firm requests additional postings after you close, no problem! Just make the additional entries and re-close. There is no limit to the number of times you can close.

Period closings are even simpler.

Attachments for Documentation

Any document can be “drag and dropped” onto any posting for comprehensive documentation. You can attach a spreadsheet to support a complex posting. You can attach photos to support a capital loss entry. You can attach an email to support a management directive for a posting.

Attachments are also supported for all entities such as chart of accounts and financial reporting.

Flexible Budget Reporting

Easily produce comparative financial statements. Analyze variances with actual amounts in real time. Multiple budgets per year are supported.

Enhanced Account Research

Every day the accounting staff must do journal entry research. Why is this amount posted to this account? Where did this expense get posted? Why is this number out of line with the previous period numbers? The built-in financial view is a key feature of ActivGL that supports account research. Every number on the built-in financial view is drilldown-able to the underlying detail.

Additional Features

In addition to the features outlined above, you will also have the ability to:

  1. Integrates with the entire ActivityHD ecosystem
  2. Fully integrates statistical accounts into financial analysis
  3. Full drilldown to the transaction level detail and back to subsidiary packages
  4. Easily produce consolidated financials across multiple companies
  5. Data feed for integration to and reporting in PowerBI™
  6. Automation tools to import mass quantities of postings, add accounts, modify dimensions, etc.

"We write a minimum of 200 checks a month to one time vendors every month. This used to take 1 1/2 days a month, now it takes literally five minutes (less if my printer was faster). They deliver what they promise and more."

Barbara P.
Healthcare Industry

"The functionality of the software to generate financial statements within minutes is phenomenal! The ability of the system to reduce journal entries because of the accounts payable & accounts receivable systems to do accrual with the extra GL feature makes operations more efficient!"

Raechelle G.
Accounting Industry

"We currently use all packages that the software offers, and run multiple companies in the software. They are on the cutting edge of technology but keep a customer service level that is second to none."

Jennifer M.
Entertainment Industry

"AccountingWare provides great customizable software that can be used for an entire company in all aspects of the accounting system including asset management, payroll, and bank rec. It ties back to the General Ledger account codes and is very easy to manipulate."

Matt C.
Travel & Tourism Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Allocations in ActivGL can be fixed or variable. Variable allocations can be based on statistics or ratios of account balances at a point in time. Allocations can be sequenced. Allocations will correct themselves if the underlying data changes.

Separation of duties in accounting systems typically refers to the ability to separate data entry from approval. ActivityHD goes much further than this. The general ledger accounting staff has complete visibility and control to change posting accounts originating in the subsidiary packages at any point in time. Dollar amounts are unchangeable, but destination accounts in the general ledger are modifiable with appropriate security controls. The GL staff controls the postings to GL regardless of the posting origination.

Yes, our segmented account structure coupled with the dynamic nature of dimensions captures expense and revenue amounts at the transaction level. Reports are generated directly in Excel.

Yes, you can easily expand, reorder, and resize your account structure and dimensions at any time. The internal structure of the ActivGL systems makes account code changes as easy and fast as changing the description on the account code. You don’t have to live with an outdated chart of account number system that no longer makes sense. Automation can be employed to make hundreds or thousands of changes.

Yes, our unique database structure allows us to keep all transaction detail for as many years as you desire.

Our powerful automation allows you to import transactions from any third party or vertical market software.

Yes, ActivGL does not rely on internal period totals for reporting. All reporting is based on the transaction dates on detail postings. Also, ActivGL can have multiple calendars with varying periods. You can create daily calendars, quarterly calendars, weekly, 4-4-5, project duration calendars, etc. Reporting can be done against any or all calendars.

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