nQativ, an ERP and accounting software development company serving the accounting industry since 1977, announced at their Virtual InterActiv conference last week that it will assume the name AccountingWare. The new name went public today with the launch of its new website accountingware.com. The new name provides clarity to business and accounting professionals in the accounting industry.

AccountingWare has always made it a focus to consistently align its forward-thinking technology and services with its clients' needs. While "nQativ" was distinct, the name made it difficult for clients to understand what the company provided. In addition, clients and industry peers were unsure of how to pronounce or spell the name accordingly. The name "AccountingWare" is easy to understand, spell, and pronounce, and the company agrees the new name communicates their purpose more efficiently.

CEO Marvin Crossnoe shares his experience with this rebranding process: "In every endeavor, there is always room for improvement. Hopefully, our customers see evidence of improvement in our products every month. It is now time to improve our visibility in the accounting software arena by changing our company name from nQativ to AccountingWare."

The company was not bought out, as AccountingWare is still owned and operated by the same personnel and continues to offer the same great services. The leadership is immensely proud of the company's success over the past 43 years and is excited to see future growth and success under the new name.

About AccountingWare

Founded in 1977, AccountingWare is a software development firm serving the accounting community. AccountingWare solutions offer unprecedented versatility and insight into accounting data for better control over financial health. Solutions include: ActivityHD, a flexible ERP software for the sophisticated accounting department to manage the enterprise; and ActivReporter, a reporting and data analysis solution for the Microsoft Dynamics GP community. Learn more about our solutions at https://accountingware.com.