Lubbock, Texas - CoNetrix, LLC, is celebrating 40 years of innovation on March 1, 2017. Now a family of four technology companies, CoNetrix employs nearly 100 remarkable people who are busy writing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software; designing, managing and hosting IT systems and networks; testing and consulting to improve Information Security and Cybersecurity for financial institutions; and developing online software to help financial institutions manage Information Security compliance.

CoNetrix, LLC was founded as Compu-Share in 1977. Marvin Crossnoe, one of the founders, is still active as Owner and CEO today. Compu-Share wrote business accounting software which ran on Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) hardware. Early customers bought computer time-sharing services, which were provided via modems on telephone lines.

By 1986, Compu-Share had 330 active customers, 31 employees, and a suite of accounting software offerings. The next nine years were a time of growth and then decline as the computer industry evolved to microcomputers running Microsoft operating systems. In 1995, the company began the process of rewriting the original software and moving to Microsoft Windows. In 2006, the Compu-Share company changed its name to nQativ and named its accounting and payroll software ActivityHD®.

The move to Microsoft Windows in 1995 was also the beginning of CoNetrix Technology, which now provides managed IT services to hundreds of customers in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana and offers a suite of secure cloud computing products nationwide. Advanced technical expertise opened the door to new opportunities with community banks and led to the formation of CoNetrix Security. The CoNetrix Security team now provides more than 400 information security consulting and testing engagements to financial institutions each year. These Security Programs led to the development of Tandem Security & Compliance Software®, under the name of TandemSoft, LLC. More than 20,000 users representing 1400 financial institutions currently use Tandem software to assist in managing information security and cybersecurity compliance.

CoNetrix, LLC extends its humble gratitude to all of our customers, employees, and mentors who have helped to grow CoNetrix into the well-rounded technology company it is today.