Enjoy the benefits of ActivityHD™ along with timekeeping and scheduling. AccountingWare (formerly nQativ) is now partnering with SwipeClock™ to provide integration into their TimeWorksPlus™ and TimeSimplicity™ products. 

TimeWorksPlus™ simplifies the challenges associated with timekeeping and scheduling in a cloud-based time and attendance solution. Designed around presets set by your business requirements, their timekeeping system takes the guesswork out of timekeeping and helps keep you accurate on your time logs. Combined with ActivityHD™, we will make sure you remain compliant with all the new government regulations on hours and coverages. 

TimeSimplicity™ takes the stress out of managing schedules for your company. With drag-and-drop scheduling, defaults for shift arrangements, and shift swapping, you will see less open shift time and virtually zero instances of overstaffing. 

AccountingWare is working diligently with the staff at SwipeClock™ to make sure our products work seamlessly together and we are thrilled to welcome them as one of our partners!