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ActivGL Demo

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ActivGL is built for the accounting professional who is looking to organize their accounting system. ActivGL accommodates complex organizational structures and multiple companies in a single database. The chart of accounts uses segments and dimensions allowing your business to produce advanced reporting.

ActivAP Demo

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In most Accounts Payable Software, the process of receiving, allocating, approving, and paying an invoice can become difficult and inefficient for a company. This is why you see many companies outsourcing their AP function to 3rd parties.

Processing invoices with ActivAP is not only more efficient, it also provides more control over the entire process. With drag-drop attachment, 1099 automation, automatic expense distribution, EFT payments integration with PO, AR, and PY, there is no need to consider outsourcing.

ActivPO Demo

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Easily keep up with changing government regulations, management mandates, union rules, and garnishment directives. ActivPR handles the complexities that other software cannot. No longer rely on side spreadsheets to supplement payroll calculations.

Employee self-serve, benefit statements, integration with onboarding and timekeeping software are just a few of the tools available for the HR professional.


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