Journal entries

Use the Journal Entry window to view general ledger transactions, including journal detail.


ActivReporter calculates the correct closing entry if the GP database has correcting entries for the closed fiscal year. The closing entries in ActivReporter mirror the end-of-year entries in Great Plains. If necessary, it is possible to post journal entries into the most recently closed fiscal year in Great Plains. Great Plains adds detail lines to the new entry to change any previously calculated balance brought forward values or retained earnings.

Run the Journal Entry Inquiry bot

You can drill back from a journal entry record in ActivReporter to the Journal Entry Inquiry window in Dynamics-GP.

  1. In the Journal Entries HD view, highlight the journal entry you want to research.
  2. Click and select Journal Entry Inquiry from the drop-down menu, or press Ctrl+J. The inquiry window opens with the requested journal entry record.


    You can also access the Journal Entry Inquiry bot from the Journal Entry and Journal Detail windows as well as the Journal Detail HD view.

Filter journal entries by journal type

You can filter the Journal Entries HD view by journal type. To do so, select a journal type from the Filters drop-down list. Valid journal types are:

  • Financials Journal
  • Inventory Journal
  • Payroll Journal
  • Project Journal
  • Purchasing Journal
  • Sales Journal

Each journal type is identified by the value in the custom Series field on the journal entry. The values and the associated journal types are:

  • 2 = Financials Journal
  • 3 = Sales Journal
  • 4 = Purchasing Journal
  • 5 = Inventory Journal
  • 6 = Payroll Journal
  • 7 = Project Journal

A "Budget Entries" filter is also available to show journal entries with a System-Journal Source of "GP-Budget".