ActivityHD ribbon

The ActivityHD ribbon provides tools in Excel for creating, calculating, and producing financial statements. To activate the ribbon, ensure all Excel instances are closed, then click the Windows button in your computer's status bar, browse to the AccountingWare ActivityHD folder, click the drop-down arrow, and select ActivityHD Excel Add-in. A popup opens that shows whether the ribbon is currently added or not. If the status is "Not Added", click Add to activate the add-in. You'll be reminded that Excel needs to be closed. Click OK. Next time you open Excel, the ribbon pictured below will be available.

Registering the Excel add-in to enable the ActivityHD ribbon

The ActivityHD ribbon is added to the Excel menu by means of the Activity.xlam add-in tool. The add-in must be registered for each user. The add-in is automatically registered for the installation user. The add-in is automatically registered for other users the first time they edit a financial design from within ActivReporter. If the add-in is not registered and you need to edit a financial design Excel workbook outside of ActivReporter or you need to run an import macro, do the following:

  1. In the Windows task bar, click , then navigate to AccountingWare ActivityHD > ActivityHD Excel Add-in. The tool determines the status of the add-in. If it is not registered, you are prompted to do so.

  2. If the status is "Not Added" or "Removed", the add-in is not registered. Click Add. The status changes to "Added".
  3. Close the message box.

If you need to unregister the add-in, the process is the same except that the starting status will be "Added", you should click the Remove button, and the ending status will be "Removed".

Click on a menu group below to reveal the commands available in the group.



When this command is labeled "Connect", Excel is not connected to a data source. Select Connect to connect to a server and company database.

When this command is labeled "Disconnect", Excel is connected to a data source. Select Disconnect to end the current connection.

Change Connection
Select this command to disconnect from the current data source, and to connect to a different data source.
Connection Status

Select this command to view the current connection status. A popup opens to inform you.